Netflix TV shows that didn’t deserve cancellation

There’s nothing quite like the frustrating feeling of your favourite show getting cancelled before it has the chance to wrap up any loose ends. Even the shows that do get the chance to wrap up after cancellation often get rushed, and precious plot points have to be cut for time. While there are dozens of shows that were likely cut before their prime, the cancellations … Continue reading Netflix TV shows that didn’t deserve cancellation

Dealing with post-lockdown anxiety

After months and months of uncertainty and loneliness, a potential end of lockdown is insight. So why do so many of us feel so anxious? If you’re struggling with post-lockdown anxiety, you’re one of many. In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, over 50% of people said they were anxious about resuming in-person interaction. In general, many people experience two specific types of fears. The … Continue reading Dealing with post-lockdown anxiety