A review of You season 3

You season 3. Pic Netflix

Dear Netflix, have you gone and produced yet another season of a tacky TV series, or have you decided to upgrade your standards with a somewhat mature social commentary?

Let’s get things straight. I wasn’t particularly happy with the announcement of season three, although I have eagerly binge-watched the previous two seasons. Typically, the longer the series decides to stay with its fans, the higher the risk of messing up its plot and turning itself into a total flop.

You can’t imagine my surprise when the grotesque suburban setting, along with Joe and Love’s psychopathic dynamic (they have a freaking baby!), became a perfect combination and something that I was not aware that I needed to see. Though, maybe at this point, I’m a bit biased, because recently everything that overtly screams no to any anachronistic social convention seems insanely irresistible to me. I still believe that, surprisingly, You has managed to squeeze in a few brave thoughts. The series indicates how this idyllic, societal view of what the ideal life seems to be, is as outlandish as murdering people and burring bodies on a daily basis.

While the key elements of the plot such as stalking, obsession and searching for “the one” are still relevant, the audience also gets to see broader themes about the boxes we so desperately love to categorize ourselves in. Joe’s disturbingly sexy and soothing voice not only narrates the life of his person(s) of interest but also extensively contemplates cliched family life, relationship struggles and conformist urges to fit in.

But when you get bored with the main characters, thou shalt not worry my dears! You always have a Californian influencer couple, drama with anti-vaxxers and even a verging on affair connection with a college student!

You Season 3. Pic: Filmweb

The climactic hill we are all bravely attempting to climb whilst checking off every episode is meant to lead us to the ominous, and yet, simple family dinner of a young married couple, who put their own marriage at stake to finally face the piling stack of unresolved issues they hold. Not to mention the multiple murders, (then more unresolved problems and even more murders) and perhaps one or two not so innocent infatuations they harbor.

The question is, who will come out of this alive and who will end up in the body bag next? What does the future hold for their son Henry or as Love’s mother tends to believe, the next incarnation of Forty?

One thing is certain. There is more to it as Netflix has recently announced that season four of You is on its way…

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