10 last-minute Halloween costume ideas for you and your bestie

For those of you who may have been avoiding your calendars or the outside world lately, Halloween is officially a few days away. But no need to panic though, you still have enough time to sort out your costume situation.

Just because you and your bestie are last-minute messes doesn’t mean your costumes have to look like one! Why not choose to throw together some cute and easy last-minute best friend Halloween costumes with your ride-or-die that will give everyone the illusion that you’ve planned it this whole time. It’ll be easy, promise.

Here are just a few easy and creative last-minute bestie Halloween costume ideas that you can easily buy or DIY.

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton

The early aughts just hit differently. Coordinate with each other in these silver and gold chainmail dresses to channel Paris and Kim.

Dionne and Cher Halloween costumes, £33.63 – £36.98

Dionne and Cher.

Thought plaid and knee-high socks were out of fashion? As if! The look is as timeless is as this iconic duo from Clueless.

Shop Dionne costume at Amazon & Shop Cher costume at Amazon

Peanut Butter and Jelly Halloween costume, £44.99

Peanut Butter and Jelly Halloween costume. Pic: Amazon

This easy-to-buy set gives two costumes for the price of one. Plus, once you’ve given everyone at the party a laugh, you can just slip the foam tunics off so you can be more comfortable.

Shop now from Amazon

Napoleon Dynamite

Remember when Napoleon Dynamite was the funniest movie in the world? Sixteen years later, it still makes for the funniest costume in the world.

Cute fruits Halloween costumes, £44.99-£61.99

Cute fruits Halloween costumes. Pic: Halloween Costumes

So a blueberry and a bunch of grapes walked into a bar… and looked super cute despite having had no idea what they were going to be for Halloween until mere days before the holiday. This could be you and your BFF with these super simple yet adorable one-piece fruit costumes!

Shop Blueberry costume at Halloween costumes & Shop Purple grapes costume at Halloween costumes

Thelma and Lousie

A movie about best friends makes the perfect costume for best friends, obviously. The fact that you probably already own all the pieces you need for your looks (minus the convertible) makes it even better.

Dancing emojis

Dancing emojis. Pic: The DIY Playbook

This costume idea is super simple to pull off!

Find the tutorial from the DIY Playbook

Gossip Girl

Plaid skirt, designer bags, bow blouses, and exactly one headband makes for a classic upper east sider.

Mario and Luigi Halloween costumes, £17.96

Mario and Luigi Halloween costumes. Pic: eBay

Go grab your BFF and give these classic Nintendo bros a feminine twist with cute Mario and Luigi women’s costumes you can snatch up from eBay just in time for Halloween.

Shop Mario and Luigi costume at eBay

Ghostbusters Halloween costume

Ghostbusters Halloween costume. Pic: Living after Midnight

Show your town that you and your best friend really aren’t afraid of no ghost by throwing on a khaki jumpsuit and backpack-turned-proton pack.

Get the tutorial at Living After Midnight

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