I tried Polished London’s products and here’s what happened

Pic: @gerrylavz

After an investigative trial period of Polished London‘s products, I am here to give my verdict.

Polished London is only one of the most affordable companies on the market, offering a a great variety of teeth whitening products. With their large and extensive range and frequent product drops, you can easily end up with that perfect Hollywood smile that you’ve always dreamed of.

Luckily, I was able to get my hands on the popular products, Whitening Paste & Mouth Cleanse, Teeth Whitening Strips, and also the Bamboo Toothbrush. At a first glance, the product packaging is completely perfect and gives that dazzling white dream that you wish to see in your smile. All very lux, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the products.

The bamboo toothbrush was an instant win for me before I had even used the product itself. The planet-friendly brush allows you to do your part in helping the environment, all whilst simply brushing your teeth. Not only was it extremely kind to the planet but it sits perfectly in your hands, making brushing your teeth a simple dream.

With a combination of the whitening paste and mouth cleanse, along with the teeth whitening strips, I had everything in place from Polished London to determine whether the products were successful… But did it work?

I made sure to use the toothpaste and mouth wash with each brush of my teeth (twice a day.) Even from the beginning, I was pleasantly surprised with the taste and even happier by the shine that’s given with a quick shake of the mouth wash. The teeth whitening strips are the perfect item to give you an accurate representation of any colour changes to your teeth. Inside of the product itself, you’re given a small diagram that allows you to easily match and determine the colour of your teeth. You then re-examine your teeth colour to determine whether there is a visible difference after using the products.

I must say, the teeth whitening strips are a little fiddly to use at first but after a few times, they simply work a dream. I found it was best to just let the white strips sit on my teeth whilst I go about my normal schedule or even just sit in the bath and aimlessly scroll on my phone.

Since the product says that you’ll see a noticeable difference in just 14 days, I gave myself no day less or no day more to see whether I’d have results…

It is without a doubt that Polished London’s products created a noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth. Checking against the diagram of the teeth whitening strips, I could visibly see that my teeth had moved a few places in the whitening scale. It was amazing really to see how much my teeth could alter with a few simple products.

With affordable prices of just £24.99 for the Teeth Whitening Strips and only £24.99 for the Teeth Whitening Paste & Mouth Cleanse, I would say that these products are a must buy. Save yourself hundreds of pounds from constant visits to the dentist to give yourself that perfect smile you’ve been dreaming of. Thanks to Polished London, you can get an affordable and irresistibly white smile in the comfort of your own home.

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