EXCLUSIVE! Meet the women behind the successful, Reality Fashion Hunters

Maura Higgins & Molly Mae. Pic: @realityfashionhunters

We’ve all been obsessed and inspired with outfits worn by our favourite celebrities and influencers and it’s inevitable that we’re all trying our hardest to recreate these similar looks. This has never been easier, thanks to Reality Fashion Hunters.

Run by two incredible women, Reality Fashion Hunters is “your source for finding influencer outfits.” They go the extra mile to help you find your favourite and trendiest outfits. Their success and attention across Instagram and social media is undoubtedly deserved.

Through @realityfashionhunters on Instagram and Reality Fashion Hunters on YouTube, there are frequent and up to date outfit posts worn by celebrities and the places where they can be purchased.

But who are the ones behind it all? It’s time to meet Zoe Hall and Lauren Medcraff, the two brilliant women behind Reality Fashion Hunters.

How did Reality Fashion Hunters first come about?

It’s a rather random story really! Lauren and I were having a chilled girly evening with a takeaway watching TOWIE, when I saw Billie Faiers wearing some gorgeous trousers, and needed them in my life. Lauren did some googling and managed to find the exact pair from Zara! This moment gave us the inspiration to create an Instagram page dedicated to TOWIE looks! We then grew quite a bit, and with Love Island becoming so popular, we decided to branch out from @towieoutfits which is when we changed our username to @realityfashionhunters.

How has Reality Fashion Hunters successfully grown into where it is today?

Definitely consistent posting! We love fashion and so always want to share any celebrity looks we can find! We had so many lovely messages from our followers it makes you even more motivated to keep going!

When we reached 1k followers we were over the moon! As you can’t do swipe up links until you have over 10k followers, we used to have to send unique links out to everyone via DMs which would take us hours! Looking back, we honestly can’t believe how far we’ve come!

How do you find the fashion outfits of the influences?

We have learnt a few tips and tricks, but sometimes it is down to luck! Or if say, we’ve been scrolling through Zara, and then the next day someone wears it.. we’ll know where it’s from! We’ve also been really lucky and had celebs message us to let us know where they get their outfits from!

What have you been your most exciting/memorable moments of running Reality Fashion Hunters?

Ooo have to say there have been a few! Getting to 10k was huge for us, and then when we hit 100k we couldn’t quite believe it – was a huge achievement! At the beginning, Lauren Pope was the first influencer to reply to us – we couldn’t believe our little page was being noticed! We were also lucky enough to have Amber Davies share our page with her followers which was a real pinch me moment!

More recently, Molly-Mae watched our stories the other day for the first time! We’ve also been lucky enough to be invited to a number of PR events, our first one being Dublin for a major fashion brand! To think that top fashion brands are talking about us is so surreal.

What has the reactions been on influencers? And also, from the public?

We’re lucky that we’ve always had a great response from both influencers and the public! Shaughna Phillips followed us before she was on Love Island, we remember her saying she couldn’t believe she had been featured on our page as she’s followed us for so long beforehand!

Is this your full-time job or is it just a hobby?

It’s not our full-time job but can sometimes seem like it! Lauren is a teacher and Zoe is a Graphic Designer – we’re incredibly busy as you can imagine, but we love helping people find outfits!

What brands have you collaborated with?

We are lucky enough to collaborate with a lot of fast fashion brands, alongside a number of boutiques! There are a couple of brands we’ve had our eye on collaborating with lately – hopefully they see this article as our emails and DMs are always open haha!!

Do you get involved with Love Island?

Yes! Every year when Love Island is on our Instagram goes crazy… everyone wants to know where the contestants outfits are from, especially if they aren’t from the Love Island fashion sponsor, sometimes it can take us a while to find a particular look, but it’s so worth it when we find the impossible! 

Our followers love that we make it easy for them to shop the looks instantly, we also have a discount code for isawitfirst where our followers can get 35% off new in items, saving them a fortune! (RFH35).

2020 Love Island contestant Shaughna Phillips followed our Instagram page before she went on the show which is still surreal to believe, here’s what she had to say: “I remember spending hours after every Geordie Shore or TOWIE episode trying to find certain outfits or pieces that I had seen in that nights episode and it was the chore of my life! But when you’ve seen someone wearing something and making it look fab you just have to have it! When I found out there was an actual page dedicated to finding these exact outfits or dupes if those were sold out it was like all my dreams came true at once! So helpful and literally a one stop shop, every girls dream!”

What has the response been like of this year’s Love Island?

Our followers are loving Liberty, we just hope Jake won’t break her heart! On Thursday evening our DMs went crazy with messages asking where Faye’s maxi dress was from, the dress sold out within minutes – this has been the most requested Love Island outfit so far, everyone’s hoping for a restock, we’re looking forward to seeing more of what Faye wears for sure! We are also loving that Kaz colour coordinates her bonnets with her pyjamas, she’s so glam!

What do you hope for the future of Reality Fashion Hunters?

Ultimately, we’d love for our Instagram page to continue to keep growing! We’d love to have a fashion magazine column where we could round up celeb looks of the month.

The ultimate dream would be to collaborate with a brand and curate our own collection, hand-picked by us! We know what styles work for our followers; it would just be amazing – fingers crossed one day!

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