Investing in silk pillowcases: Is it worth making the switch?

The benefits of silk pillowcases on your skin and hair. Pic: Getty Images

You may have curated your perfect skincare regime that you follow every evening but there is one slight issue… No matter how many steps you take or creams you apply, there is a simple antidote that helps your hair and skin the most and that’s sleep, of course.

Sleep is a crucial period of time where your body has the chance to recalibrate, a time when it can rebalance hydration levels and prevent inflammation, leaving your hair healthier and your skin so much more radiant.

A part of improving your sleep is upgrading what you rest your weary head on. There’s no need to worry about thread counts, instead turn your attention to the affordable luxury material that really does make a difference to hair and skin: silk. 

Silk pillowcases: benefits for the hair

Retains moisture 

Thanks to silk’s super smooth texture, silk pillowcases don’t remove your hair and skin’s moisture during the night whilst you sleep. Silk is less capable to absorb moisture from the hair and skin than other materials. This makes silk pillowcases the perfect option for those dry winter months, or for anyone with dry skin all year round.

Prevents tangles and frizz

Whilst we sleep our skin, hair and whole body is constantly moving around and being aggravated. This movement throughout the night can cause the hair to break, creating frizz, thinner hair, bed head and split ends. The smooth, natural texture of silk prevents friction between your hair and the pillowcase.

Not only this, but silk can also help control sebum production. Lower levels of sebum produced is equivalent to less greasy looking hair. As silk doesn’t absorb as much moisture, it won’t leave your hair feeling frizzy, brittle and dry. 

Reduces bed head

Many of the world’s renowned hair stylists have recommended sleeping on gentle, hair-friendly silk to help preserve your blowout. The material is significantly less rough on the hair in comparison to regular cotton pillowcases. Sleeping on ordinary pillowcases can cause hair tangling during the night. In testing conducted by silk brand, Slip, they found that their users had experienced 43% reduced friction than with standard cotton pillowcases  

Silk pillowcases: benefits for the skin

Allows skin care to remain on your face

Whether or not you have a lengthy skincare routine, the last thing anyone wants is their skincare to rub or slip off of their face during their night’s sleep. This is so that the serums and moisturisers we apply pre-bedtime have a better chance of staying on your face – where they belong. As mentioned previously, silk is known for its being less absorbent compared to synthetically derived materials, so if you switch to silk pillowcases the moisture you apply to your face at night won’t rub off nearly as much. 

Reduces skin creasing 

At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced the rude awakening of getting out of bed to discover a pillow crease mark has indented itself into our cheek. As skin ages it loses its elasticity and sleep creases. This is caused by pressure and friction on facial skin, over time this can be more pronounced and longer lasting. Whilst the creases usually go away later throughout the day, they can set in gradually over the years. 

So why not try using silk pillowcases to help combat this? Silk, with its specific smooth fibres, doesn’t tug, create friction and nor does it impress its texture into the skin. Essentially, it’s a much gentler fabric that makes it perfect for caring for the fragile skin on the face.

Keeps skin cooler

While synthetic fibres trap heat, materials such as silk are considered to be more breathable. Whilst you’re sleeping a silk pillowcase is thought to keep skin cooler, reduce sweating as well as sebum production on the skin. This is a huge benefit as when our skin is kept at a colder temperature, it is less prone to redness and inflammation. 

In short, silk pillowcases can improve hair and skin hydration levels, prevent wrinkles and fine lines, and result in smoother, frizz-free hair in the morning. Whilst silk pillowcases can do all that, don’t expect magical results as they do not pass nutrients to your skin or combat your breakouts.

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