Silk pillowcases on the market that will transform your skin and hair

It’s never been more important to improve our quality of sleep, thanks to the various factors including the growing ways this pandemic has played havoc with our sleeping patterns. But the good news? our bodies know how to make the most of our downtime. This is a perfect example of the perfect way in which our skin’s ability to regenerate kicks up a gear at night.

One of the biggest ways in which you can give your hair and skin a helping hand is by investing in a silk pillowcase, unlike cotton, the material won’t soak up night creams or serums, helping it make the most of its night-time moisture hit.

However, pillowcases may seem like an unnecessary investment, especially if you drop a good chunk of your earnings on skincare and haircare products. that’s why we’re here to show you which silk pillowcases not only work with your budget, but fit right on with your lifestyle.

Slip Pure Silk Envelope Pillowcase
Slip Pure Silk Envelope Pillowcase. Pic: John Lewis

Best for: Luxury

Who knew your pillowcase could be one of the most important parts of your skincare and haircare regime? Slip offers sumptuous pillowcases working to protect your skin and maintain your mane as you slumber. Made from 100 percent pure mulberry silk, this best-seller has been labelled as an anti-bedhead, anti-ageing and anti-sleep crease pillowcase. The fabric is impressively lightweight and feels as decadent as it appears.  While it’s hard to tell if there is any truth behind it’s ‘anti-ageing’ benefits, skin does look more radiant with improved texture after several weeks with this pillowcase.

Shop Slip Pure Silk Envelope Pillowcase at John Lewis, from £85

Coco + Eve Beauty Sleep Pillowcase
Beauty Sleep Pillowcase. Pic: Coco + Eve

Best for: Beauty sleep

Hair Care specialists, Coco + Eve know a thing or two about must-have items. The most recent addition? A silk pillowcase. Fortify your locks without any lotions or potions. The silk material works on both your skin and hair to reduce tangles, hydrate and cause significant less friction, which could have anti-breakage benefits. Alongside this silk pillowcase, there is an option to buy a silk eye mask and Coco + Eve will throw in a free hair warp with your purchase.

Shop Coco + Eve Beauty Sleep Pillowcase at Coco + Eve, £19.90

John Lewis & Partners The Ultimate Collection Silk Standard Pillowcase
The Ultimate Collection Silk Standard Pillowcase. Pic: John Lewis

Best for: Minimizing frizzy hair 

Help keep your bed head at bay with this affordable, yet luxurious pillowcase John Lewis has to offer. Available in a wide variety of gorgeous hues, the 19-momme silk cover is a great option for those new to the world of silk pillowcases. This design makes it ideal for lovers of minimalism – there’s no border and the inner envelope flap won’t tickle your face in the annoying way other cases can.

The case feels impressively cooling against the skin, making it ideal for the summer months and provides an excellent job of retaining the moisture of your hair. It is also particularly great at fighting frizz, due to the ultra-smooth silk, it doesn’t create friction between your hair and the pillowcase.

Shop The Ultimate Collection Silk Standard Pillowcase at John Lewis, £45

Alaska Bear 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 
Alaska Bear 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. Pic: Amazon

Best for: Beauty benefits on a budget 

A great budget friendly option is the Alaska Bear’s silk pillowcase. It is carefully crafted from pure charmeuse silk to help benefit the face and hair from damage whilst you sleep. The hypoallergenic cover is delicate against sensitive skin to ensure you’re not disturbed by irritation. Aside from the endless beauty benefits, it comes in an array of stunning colours sure to fit any bedroom décor.

Shop Alaska Bear 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase at Amazon, £22.99

The White Company Silk Pillowcases
The White Company Silk Pillowcases. Pic: The White Company

Best for: An at-home hotel experience

Get the hotel-like luxury in the comfort of your own home by adding The White Company’s silk pillowcases to your bedding collection. The renowned sheet specialist offers not just one but two options, the Silk Beauty Pillowcase For Hair & Skin and the Audley Silk Oxford Pillowcase With Border.

For both iterations, the hypoallergenic material is ideal for those with sensitive skin or those with dry skin to wake up without redness or puffiness. For those of you that like to sleep covered in serums and lotions, the silk pillowcases are less absorbent so the skincare products will stay where they belong – on our faces.

Plus, the fabric also doesn’t tug on your scalp when you toss and turn throughout the night, so your hair will thank you for making the switch.

Shop The White Company Silk Pillowcases at The White Company, from £60-£85

The Nap Co 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase
The Nap Co 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase. Pic: The Nap Co

Best for: It’s practicality 

This pillowcase, available in six colours, had us hooked straight away. Why? It’s 25-momme (one of the highest thicknesses of silk pillowcases on the market) and it has a zip. It makes you think why more pillowcases don’t feature this amazing creation. Is there some sort of unwritten rule that adding a metal zip is an insult to the softness of a silk pillowcase? Either way, this pillowcase is a wonderful option, not just due to the design, but the top-quality silk and the avoidance of non-toxic dyes used in the creation of the pillowcase – more common than many consumers realise.

Shop The Nap Co 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase at The Nap Co, £60

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