Steal the style with these fashion moments from Friends

Friends is one of the most famous 90’s shows loved by many and still is today. Aside from the funny jokes and the characters that we got attached to, we got inspired by some stylish outfits. Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe pointed out the trendiest outfits with silk dresses, oversized knitwear, crop tops and more that are still fashionable today.

With the reunion airing soon, let’s go down the lane and remember some of the top fashion moments featured and recreate some of the fashionable favourites!

Monica’s simple outfits

In this outfit Monica, proved to us that you could rock a tank and high waisted jeans, even if it’s as simple as that. You can find a similar outfit at Asos.

Pic: Getty Images & Asos’s High Waisted Straight Leg jeans (£15)

Getty Images

A person wearing a red shirt

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceRib Button Vest £14 – Next                    High Waisted Straight Leg Jeans in Light Wash                                                                         £15 – Asos

Phoebe’s oversized shirts

Phoebe started this oversized trend; she wore these shirts with anything and still looked stylish. It is trendy now more than ever. Here are a few suggestions for an oversized sweatshirt.

Rachel and Monica’s slip dresses

Rachel was a true fashionista during that show, slip dress is a must-have!

Monica wore a red slip dress; slip dresses were in style back in the ’90s and are still these days. Here you can find a few similar slip dresses.

Pic: NBC & Zara’s Crochet Dress (£49.99)

Monica’s silk dress

Monica wore an elegant silk red dress with a simple necklace for Ross and Emily’s wedding. Monica has a thing for red; it suits her! PrettyLittleThing has a kind of similar burgundy dress, link below.

Monica’s and Rachel’s miniskirts

Monica rocked that mini skirt and cropped sweater.

Rachel was the queen of miniskirts. She styled them with black boots. Get similar ones and recreate the look!

Pic: NBC & Zara’s Mini Skirt With Slit (£25.99)

Monica’s button shirt

Monica proved to us that wearing a button-down is stylish! Before it becomes a trend, Monica rocked this style and even the tie-up shirt! Shop the look and style in Monica’s way.

Rachel’s plaid skirts

Rachel’s plaid skirt is a must-have! It is super trendy these days and can either be worn with a sleeveless turtleneck as she did or with a crop top or any tucked in shirt.


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