Women’s sporting events of the season

Pic: UEFA’s Women’s Champions League / Michael Erichsen via Imago

Despite challenges dealt by the pandemic, global efforts to control the crisis has allowed for professional sporting events to take place in safe settings. Crowds are unfortunately a no-go, but supporting our favourite athletes from home has never been easier. With live event coverage becoming the new normal, programs like the Women’s Six Nations and the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics can be viewed risk free. Prepare for the season with this list of key fixtures to tune into.

Women’s Six Nations

Having just wrapped up on the Saturday 24 April, the Women’s Six Nations had a thrilling 3 week- long run. Despite it being a shortened fixture due to the restrictions of the pandemic, it featured a fresh-faced line-up of aspiring female athletes. The women’s championship is speculated to move apart from the men’s in an effort to provide it with the limelight it so wholly deserves.

UEFA Women’s Champions League

The finals are coming soon on Sunday 16th May, with Chelsea and Barcelona going head to head in the Gamla Ullevi stadium in Sweden. Preparing for the final match alongside the respective teams is assigned referee Riem Hussein, who has presided over both men’s and women’s football league fixtures in the past. Not only is she a renowned for her professional performance in umpiring, she works as a pharmacist off season in contribution to the medical community.

FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League

Running from the 25th of May to the finals on the Friday 25 June is the Volleyball Nations League. Women’s teams from all across the globe come together for a riveting month-long championship, with soul-stirring team and individual performances from every nation. Beyond court volleyball, we also see the beach national and world tours coming up very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

Last but not least is the 2021 Olympics and Paralympics, due to take place in the summertime starting Wednesday 21 July. Showcasing the world’s pool of talent in every professional level sport, we get to witness the representation of female talents in archery, track, gymnastics, weightlifting, and so much more.

The world of sport is seeing a wave of emergent female talents, and we cannot wait to watch them thrive and achieve their fullest potential in this season’s sporting affairs.

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